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A. L. Shatto & Associates was founded in November of 1988 by Allen W. Shatto to provide process engineering and regulatory compliance services to the chemical production, petroleum and waste processing industries. From a humble beginning in his home, Allen has formed an elite team of experienced, highly motivated engineers, scientists, and project managers with established records of significant achievements in their respective fields.
In June of 1991, A. L. Shatto & Associates received an award for it's third major environmental and hazardous materials contract with the U. S. Army.  This contract, for $2.6 million, became the largest single Shatto award to date, eclipsing a previous $75,000 effort for Lockheed.
In October of 1994, A. L. Shatto & Associates was recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the 500 fastest-growing privately held companies in the United States.  In 1995, the company ranked #5 in the list of Baltimore's Fastest Growing Technology Companies, clearly reflecting an enviable level of client satisfaction with Shatto's service.

In 1998, A. L. Shatto doubled its sales and organized its support services into two divisions:  Engineering Division and Hazard Control Division.  In this way, the company was better able to manage the growing needs of clients in the pharmaceutical, food processing, and food storage industries.  While every project does not involve both divisions, there are many synergistic benefits derived from offering clients both types of service from a single contract source.  The specialized expertise of engineers, scientists and managers is integrated into tightly-knit project teams to provide clients with fast response, consistent service, and money-saving solutions.
In 2005, the quest for process engineering excellence and total client satisfaction continues at A. L. Shatto & Associates   By increasing its staff of Safety Specialists and Certified Industrial Hygienists, the company has expanded its support services for both the refrigeration and food processing industries.  "Solutions to today's pressing production and environmental issues are to be found in scientific and engineering progress," states Allen Shatto, "not through prolonged lawsuits and Government fines."

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